Peter Schroyens


Architecture and landscape form the artistic territory and main source of inspiration for photographer Peter Schroyens (1973, Lier, Belgium). Within these themes, Peter creates fine art images by combining photography and image editing to transform reality into his personal vision. For architecture & interior photography assignments however, he aims to optimize reality and show projects at their best.

Mainly self-taught, Peter attended a photography course at Syntra AB (Antwerp, Belgium, 2008-2011), where he graduated in 2011. After that, his artistic and photographic skills were further honed by various masterclasses in photo editing and post-processing.

Since 2012, Peter has focused on fine art photography, showing his favorite themes such as architecture and landscape in an alternative world, according to his own ideas and vision. He offers limited edition fine art prints of these personal creations, as well as photo-licenses for media use. A recent addition to Peter’s range is fine art on demand, where the customer determines the choice of the subject.

Peter is also active as an architecture and interior photographer for, among others, architects and interior designers.

In addition to assignments for clients, he’s constantly working on new projects for future exhibitions.

Curriculum Vitae



Photo license for media use is available for :
  • All images in galleries Serenity, Haunted, Forgotten and Pure.
  • Images on demand (related to architecture, interior, landscape)

Selected images can be used for business communication purposes, under the conditions as stated in the license agreement.
All rights remain with the author/photographer Peter Schroyens at all times.

Interested? Please don't hesitate to contact me for more information :

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