Artist Statement


With photography and image editing as my tools, I project architecture and landscape in an alternative reality. The resulting images act as a kind of window, a portal to a parallel universe, hidden behind a veil of the real world. My field of activity is situated in 4 alternative universes, each one with a specific theme, atmosphere and sense of time : SerenityHauntedForgotten & Pure.


Serenity reflects my imagination about an alien, architectural world, inspired by science-fiction stories of the early 20th century. Contemporary and modern architecture are detached from their environement and projected into a futuristic universe, entirely stripped of human noise. Surrounded by this visual silence, the buildings of Serenity demand a certain presence, enhanced by stark ligthing effects, deep shadows and minor color accents.


Haunted is a dark universe, dominated by desolate landscapes, haunted castles, lonely mansions and ghostly ruins. Ancient ghost stories, places with names that refer to the underworld, and the dark esthetics of the gothic culture are the ingredients for the spooky atmosphere that interconnects this world.


Forgotten visualizes the eerie silence that surrounds the ruins of the modern era : Abandoned buildings, deserted industrial sites, derelict bridges, neglected vehicles, … With the last traces of human presence slowly disappearing, nature takes back what once was hers. In this phase of transition, decaying structures radiate a mysterious beauty, as a final tribute before they fade away…


Pure represents a hidden realm, where landscapes glow in a magical light, invigorated by an enchanting silence. Because there is no sign of human presence, a dream world arises, accentuating the purity of unspoiled nature.

The common thread through my images is the idea, that what we see as real is not necessarily the only reality. This thought first started to intrigue me, when I entered the realm of infrared photography. By photographing wavelengths, that are outside the visible spectrum, the world gets an unrecognizable look. The altered appearance is only visible with a special filter, but is real nevertheless.
Keeping this in mind, I allow my vision to be the filter, showing existing places in another reality.

While enjoying the creative process of making these surreal images in the first place, I like to invite the viewer to feel the sense of mystery and wonder that I felt by visiting these locations.

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