Envisioning the Future

With photography and image editing as my tools, I project architecture and landscape in an alternative reality. The resulting images act as a kind of window, a portal to a parallel universe, hidden behind a veil of the real world. My field of activity is situated in 4 alternative universes, each one with a specific theme, atmosphere and sense of time : SerenityHauntedForgotten & Pure.
The common thread through my images is the idea, that what we see as real is not necessarily the only reality. This thought first started to intrigue me, when I entered the realm of infrared photography. By photographing wavelengths, that are outside the visible spectrum, the world gets an unrecognizable look. The altered appearance is only visible with a special filter, but is real nevertheless.
Keeping this in mind, I allow my vision to be the filter, showing existing places in another reality.

While enjoying the creative process of making these surreal images in the first place, I like to invite the viewer to feel the sense of mystery and wonder that I felt by visiting these locations.

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